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Thank you to everyone who entered our Easter competition.


Our lucky winner is:


Sam T.


Congratulations Sam. We hope you enjoy your Easter Egg and Baileys.

Easter Comp 2024 Picture.png


Thank you to everyone who entered our competition. It seems the jar was deceptive, as 90% of guesses we received came in between 30 & 60.


The total number of purple hearts in the jar was…




Congratulations to our winner Suzanne M. who was 11 away!

Purple Hearts 1.png
Purple Hearts 2.png
Purple Hearts 3.jpg

Enjoy your prize, Suzanne...


Women's World Cup 2024.png

What a great World Cup and a huge congratulations to….

Rosie B.

A big congratulations to Rosie, and commiserations to our runner-up, Kerry.  


Thanks again for your participation and keep an eye out for future competitions.

Women's World Cup 2024 Picture.jpg



What a great World Cup and a huge congratulations to….

Jackie C.

We hope you enjoy your Rugby themed goodies...!

Sorry to all of those who didn’t win, but keep your eyes peeled for more competitions in the future.

Jackie C.jpg


Tennis ball string_edited.png
Wimbledon logo.png

What a great championship and a huge congratulations to….

Aisha N.

We hope you enjoy your Championship Goodie Bag!


Sorry to all of those who didn’t win, but keep your eyes peeled for more competitions in the future.

Wimbledon 2023 Prize.jpg


Thank you to everyone who took part in our Queen's 70th Jubilee Wordsearch Competition.




We are pleased to announce the lucky winner is:

Angela H.


Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your Jubilee hamper...!

Thank you all for taking part - keep your eyes peeled for future competitions.

Jubilee prize.png

Containing Chocolates, a selection of Teas, ‘Musical’ Biscuits, Jam, London Gin, Tonic and Union Jack Flags – it’s the perfect way to celebrate the impressive reign of our Queen (and the extra public holiday!)


A massive thank you to everyone who took part in our 20th Birthday Competition.


We are pleased to announce the lucky winner is:

Andre & Team


Congratulations! Hope you enjoy your hamper of treats and look out for more chances to win coming soon.

20th Bday picture_edited.png

A HUGE thank you to Jonny S for hand delivering these beautiful flowers – what a lovely Friday surprise!  Congratulations on your new permanent role, we are delighted that everything has worked out after clearly impressing whilst temping, and we wish you a happy future there.

Flowers from Jonny S.jpg



Joining Robert as our second winner in our Euro 2020 Competition is....

          JULIE T.           


Congratulations Julie and enjoy your prize!

Euro Prize.jpg

The time has come to draw the winner for our Euro 2020 Competition.

A big congratulations to………….

           Robert J.           


Congratulations Robert and enjoy your prize!


* However, as we have had such an amazing response, we have decided to extend our Competition and also pick a second winner for a duplicate of the prize below *

Euro Prize.jpg

We have now decided to follow England and keep our Wordsearch Competition running until they are out of the competition –  which is hopefully until Sunday 11th July – however if it is (sadly) earlier we will be in touch.

You can enter our competition by completing the attached wordsearch and sending it to or sending a photo to our work mobile on 07494 975 555.


Anyone that has already entered will still be considered for the second prize draw.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Easter ‘Guess How Many Eggs’ competition for the chance to win a luxury Easter Egg and Champagne.

The winner was…

           India C.          


Congratulations India and enjoy your prize!


We had an enormous response and many of the guesses were actually quite low, however believe it or not there were actually 57 Easter Eggs in the jar!

Easter Eggs count 2.png
Easter Eggs count.png

Thank you to all those who took part in our Easter Wordsearch Competition for the chance to win a luxury Easter Egg and Champagne



The winner was…

           Caroline B.            


Congratulations Caroline and enjoy your prize!

Wordsearch prize.jpg

What a lovely surprise to receive this wonderful (and delicious) hamper from one of our lovely candidates!  Congratulations on your amazing new job Grace, you deserve it and thank you so much for the kind and thoughtful gift.



Candy Cane Jar.jpg
Candy Cane Prize.jpg

It is time to announce the winner of our Christmas Competition we sent out to you last week…..


There are 47 Candy Canes in the jar!


The closest guess was 50,


   Congratulations to Karen P!   


Once again, we would like to thank everyone for entering and wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Card Front.jpg
Card Inside.jpg

Thank you for the lovely card, Ellyn. We wish you every success in your fantastic new permanent role - you've been a wonderful temp and we appreciate all your hard work and flexibility.  Thank you so much for your lovely card...!


So proud of Erin L who applied for a role, interviewed for it the next day and was then offered it on the same day!  Well done on an excellent interview and for taking the time to prepare so well.  We are absolutely thrilled for you.

A HUGE congratulations to Elyse Q who has just been offered a wonderful new full time role and we are so delighted for you – a long overdue change in your fortunes & we wish you every success.  Also, thank you for being such a fabulous temp, we have been honoured to have you on board for so long.

Congratulations Anthony H on securing such a great new perm role after various Zoom interviews!  Thank you for being so flexible and we’re thrilled that everything came together despite Covid-19 causing a few hiccups along the way.  We wish you all the best and we’re sure you will thrive.

Well done to Hannah S on securing a fabulous permanent role in the legal field that you were so keen to enter – we are sure you will fly high in the new post and we are very grateful for your patience during Coronavirus interview times.  Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Fantastic news for Daniel L on accepting a fantastic local opportunity in his field after being made redundant due to the pandemic, following 12 years in the same role.  We are delighted we were able to place you in something so perfect and we are sure you will thrive within such a great company.

Amazing placement for Elaine C who is officially our first ever placement in Scotland!  Thanks to the wonders of technology, we were able to source the fabulous Elaine to join our clients’ project team in Edinburgh – very exciting.  Well done Elaine, we are delighted it has all worked out for you and you will forever be our first Scottish placement.

Congratulations to Eve L who was placed the very day she called in looking for work.  Having felt a bit disheartened, we are thrilled to have found you such an exciting role and we are sure your career will soar.  Well done Eve!

Very well done to Carol S on securing a fabulous permanent role looking after a small team of directors and organising the business – they are so happy having you on board and we wish you every success for a happy future there.

Many congratulations to Emma S on joining one of our Wimbledon based clients on a full time basis – we are delighted that you have settled in so quickly and wish you a very happy future as part of the team!

Huge congratulations to Natasha D who having completed an 11 month contract with one of our Wimbledon clients, has just been offered a brilliant full time role in another department and it is exactly what you were looking for – we are so pleased for you and you really deserve it after all your efforts.

Huge congratulations to Holly P who decided she wanted a complete career change and didn’t really know what direction to go in.  We are chuffed to bits that you came to us and we were able to find you your perfect role – we wish you such a happy and successful future!

Congratulations to Louise W – we are so happy to have helped you completely change direction and secure a role in the field you have been so keen to get into.  We really hope it all works out and that you fly high in your new role!

Congratulations to Chris H on securing a fab temp to perm role with so much potential for your future career.  Good luck with everything and we are sure it will be a very bright future ahead of you there.

Very well done Mia A on securing a fantastic permanent opportunity within 3 hours!  We are thrilled it all worked out so quickly and thank you for your flexibility at short notice.

Many congratulations to Harriet B on being offered a brilliant permanently role close to home after temping for just a few weeks – we are delighted for you and wish you all the best!

Congratulations to Sharnika A on securing a fabulous permanent role within a day of registering here.  Thank you for being so easy going and willing to fit in so quickly and we are delighted it all worked out in record time!

We are so delighted for Verona J who has been offered a fabulous opportunity working with one of our London based clients – we know how much you wanted the position and we are thrilled you were offered it.  Very best of luck for the future.

Congratulations to Monica B who has secured a permanent position in a role within an industry that she is totally passionate about.  We are so pleased for you and wish you a long and happy career there.

Congratulations to Ines S and James S who both secured great opportunities working for a fantastic London based client who are expanding so rapidly that you are both sure the do extremely well in the future – well done!

Well done to Tania D on finding a fantastic role within Events which is exactly what you wanted – we are so pleased it is all going so well for you and wish you a happy and rewarding career there.

A very special congratulations to Barry F who responded so quickly and secured a perfect permanent opportunity as a result of being such a dedicated temp – we are truly thrilled for you as we know you had been receiving a lot of knock backs and are now so happy and settled!

Well done Lauren F on securing a very exciting Marketing position in a fantastic local company – what an amazing opportunity and we wish you every success in your new role!

A massive well done to Patricia R on securing a wonderful position in accounts so quickly upon relocating to this area.  You were an absolute pleasure to deal with and we know you will have a really bright future in your new company!

So happy for Shirley M who having lived overseas for 20 years, came to us looking to get back into the UK job market and through being such a great temp, has been offered a fabulous role at a great company – well done!

Congratulations to Juliana N on securing a great new permanent role with so much potential and exactly what she was looking for.  We wish you a very successful future there.

Congratulations to Hannah H on securing a fab new position within a week of registering – very exciting!  We are sure you will have a very happy and rewarding career ahead.

Really delighted for Josefa R who having completed a FTC at one of our fantastic Wimbledon clients, has now been extended to complete at least a year there.  We know you’re over the moon and we’re so pleased it’s all worked out!

Congratulations to Anna, Emily, Sophie and Lisha, 4 temps working together, on winning the local pub quiz and a handy £50!  We have renamed you our "4 musketeers"...!

Congratulations to Zariya S on securing her dream job!  Thank you for being such a wonderful temp and we wish you the very best for an exciting future there!

Huge congratulations to Andrew N who having relocated from Scotland has secured himself a really fantastic opportunity with one of our clients and is totally over the moon at the speed in which this all happened.  Brilliant result!

We are so proud of Annabel M who was looking for an opportunity back in the work force and who within 2 weeks of starting a temp role, has been snapped up into an amazing role by one of our clients!  It’s been a whirlwind and we are chuffed to bits for your speedy achievement.

Well done to Lisa W on securing a brilliant role in Wimbledon within a week of coming to see us.  We are sure you will be really happy and congratulations on securing such a great position!

Very well done to David M on managing to find such a brilliant new opportunity within one day of becoming available!  We are sure you will be extremely happy there and we are delighted that they chose you!

Congratulations to Elaine R – we know how much you wanted the job and we are so chuffed that you have been offered such a wonderful local opportunity.  All the best for a great future and a better work life balance!

Absolutely delighted for Erin B who took on a temporary assignment which she has loved and has now been rewarded with a fantastic permanent opportunity to grow and develop with the company.  Well done and we wish you all the success you deserve!

Congratulations to Elizabeth C who accepted a temp to perm position and within 2 weeks has been offered the role and is over the moon!  We are really chuffed for you and thank you for making such a positive impression so quickly.

Thank you so much to Shirley D for being such a fabulous temp and huge congratulations on being offered a permanent role with one of our clients.  We are sure you have a fabulous career ahead of you there.

Well done to the lovely Ruby H who was struggling to find work within the area and has now secured a great new permanent role within a few days of registering with us – brilliant news and all the best to you!

Well done Rhys Q who was feeling pretty deflated about the job market but has now secured himself a great permanent opportunity with one of our clients.  We knew you could do it Rhys!

Huge congratulations to Bobby P who was having a change of direction in his career and has landed the perfect role with one of our clients who is expanding rapidly so the world is his oyster.  Well done Bobby!

Well done and best wishes to Sharon C who has patiently waited for the perfect role which has now come along and she is starting on Monday – definitely worth the wait!  Congratulations from all the PP team.

Huge congratulations to Kirsty W who has only recently moved to London and within a week of registering with us has been offered a fabulous new position – so happy for you!

Brilliant news for Debra B who having started a 6 month fixed term contract in January, has now been offered an exciting and challenging new permanent role within a different department.  Absolutely thrilled at how well it’s all turned out for you!

So proud of Erin B who applied for a role, interviewed for it the next day and was then offered it on the same day!  What a cracking future you have ahead of you there and thank you for being so on the ball.  We are absolutely thrilled for you.

Huge congratulations to Paulette F who registered on Friday afternoon, started a temp role on the Monday and was offered a permanent role there on the Friday.  Amazing effort!

Congratulations to Joe C who following redundancy, was quickly placed into a wonderful new permanent role via Prize Placements.  Well done Joe!

Congratulations and best wishes to Rohan D who has secured a lovely permanent role after registering with us – we are sure your career will flourish there.

Well done to Anastasia K who has been offered a permanent role after impressing so much as a temp there.  We’re delighted for you and wish you every success.

Well done Michael S who has been offered and accepted a permanent job following a few months of temping and impressing our client.  Thank you for your hard work and commitment.

Congratulations to Josefa R who having done such a good job within her temp role, was out of the blue offered a fabulous contract within another department.  Fabulous!

Congratulations to Emma S who has secured a new job after only two days of looking.  Well done Emma - we're sure you'll love it...!

We would like to congratulate Justine V for securing a brilliant permanent opportunity within a local client. Well done Justine and Good Luck!

We would also like to say congratulations to Natasha D for securing a wonderful new job with the help of Prize Placements.

Well done to Sara A who made such a great impression in her temp role that she has already been snapped up by them to work on another contract. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Congratulations to Gabriela T who having been made redundant came along to see us and has now started a fabulous dream job with a very good salary increase – fantastic!

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